“Accidents Will Happen”  –  call us if required on 07443 643681

We understand that accidents will always happen and that there will occasionally be damage to certain games or pieces will be ‘temporarily’ mislaid. Our philosophy is to try and replace each lost or damaged item as cost effectively as possible whilst retaining the quality of the game itself. We do not attempt to ‘make money’ from charging excessively for replacement items. The following are just some of the replacement item costs.

In circumstances where replacement parts are not obtainable within a reasonable period of time and a complete game needs to be replaced then the customer will be responsible for the full replacement cost. Games4Gardens will liaise closely with customers to ensure full transparency on all matters relating to replacement parts/items.

Giant Twister Dice £11.00 each

Giant Snakes & Ladders Dice £ 8.00 each

Giant Kerplunk Straws £ 0.35 each

Giant Kerplunk Balls £ 0.85 each

Giant Connect4 Discs £ 4.50 each

Giant Connect 4 Blue Connecting Clips £ 3.75 each

Quoits £ 8.00 each

Giant Jenga/Tumble Tower Blocks £ 7.50 each

Table Football Balls £ 2.00 each

Giant Noughts and Crosses £20.00 each

Bean Bags £ 2.00 each

Giant Garden Darts £ 5.00 each

Boules £15.00 each boule

Boules White Ball £ 4.00

Softball £15.00

Limbo Pole £10.00

Spacehoppers £ 20.00 each

Sacks for Sack Race £ 8.00 each

Hula Hoops £ 4.50 each

Horseshoes £ 5.00 each

Frisby £ 5.00 each